Our Story


It all started when…

We wanted change. Having worked in several settings across the beauty industry board, we wanted to highlight, share, and spread love, unity, and family.

Jaime Lynn and Robin are both from New Jersey, although only having met after working together at Sally Hersehberger Downtown; a reputable, high-end New York City salon. After only a short time, they quickly grew close, fostering a budding relationship.

In the midst of a Manhattan love story in the making, Robin reconnected with a long-time friend and ex-manager at a retail store opening just two blocks away. Within this retail store labeled, ‘Todd Snyder’, there lye an unused, perfectly built out studio acting as a storage unit for merchandise. An opportunity presented itself.

With Jaime Lynn and Robin’s relationship taking major steps forward, their career craved the same attention. In the same year of their engagement, a business agreement was emerging with Todd Snyder. They felt called to create a space and build a new culture where people felt right at home. T’s were crossed, i’s were dotted. One year later, two licenses were signed; both representing unity.

Out of a product depository birthed a family-owned and operated beauty boutique housing untapped, under-the-radar talent. To top it all off; the focal point and lounge area of the studio was redesigned and transformed into a cozy safe-corner modeled after the couple’s own home, welcoming all.